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Spring is officially here! Which means summer is right around the corner and so are barbecues, vacations, and beach days! What better way to start prepping your body than now with three simple products you can use over and over again. Fitness expert, Amanda Russell, takes us through a full-body cardio workout that will get you sweating up some calories using a jump rope and stretch bands!

These 2 products have to be some of the best to workout and travel with for how lightweight and versatile they are to use. In this specific workout, Amanda is mixing a blend of low impact and high-impact workouts divided into 5 different circuits. Each circuit is 1 minute less than the one before, resulting in a 15 minute cardio buzz that will leave you wanting more. Feeling brave? Try this workout 2x and let us know how you did in the comments below!

5 rounds- 15 minutes total
Circuit 1:
Jump Rope (x3)
High Knees
Front Leg Kicks
Circuit 2:
Ankle Jumping Jacks
Bridge Ups
Circuit 3:
Skater Hops
Tricep Dips
Circuit 4:
Squat Jacks
Jump Squats
Circuit 5:
Tuck Jumps
















Duration  15 minutes
  Type  Cardio

Circuit 1- 5 minutes total

Circuit 2- 4 minutes total

Circuit 3- 3 minutes total

Circuit 4- 2 minutes total

Circuit 5- 1 minute


1 // Jump Rope

Step 1 //

With jump rope in hand, jump in unison with rope, alternating jumping styles and speed for greater challenge.


2 // High Knees

Step 1 //

Keep core tight and engaged. Bring knees up to touch hand as high up in front as you as possible. Continue alternating between knees as fast as you can.

3 // Front Leg Kicks

Step 1 //

Kick one leg directly out in front of you while standing on other foot. Alternate and repeat.

4 // Ankle Jumping Jacks

Step 1 //

Tie stretch band in a loop by tying ends in a knot and looping around ankles.

Step 2 //

With stretch band around ankles, perform jumping jacks as normal.




5 // Bridge Ups

Step 1 //

Lay back and feet on ground. Bring butt up towards sky then push knees outward with stretch band looped around thighs.

Step 2 //

Bring butt down, bring back up, open knees, and repeat.

6 // Skater Hops

Step 1 //

Hop side to side in rapid movements- extending arms and legs behind and in front of body.

7 // Tricep Dips

Step 1 //

Bring arms behind you with elbows facing back. Place feet on ground and butt close to ground.

Step 2 //

Slowly lower, putting focus on triceps. Continue to bring up and down in slow and controlled movements.

8 // Squat Jacks

Step 1 //

Stand with feet hip width apart.

Step 2 //

Squat in an explosive movement while also bringing arms up wide in air.

Step 3 //

Bring arms down when jumping back up and repeat.

9 // Jump Squats

Step 1 //

Start with feet a little wider than hip width apart.

Step 2 //

Squat, then push up and jump in one explosive movement.

For modified version, squat without jumping.

10 // Squats

Step 1 //

Stand with legs hip width apart. Bring butt down as if sitting on chair, squeezing glutes at the top. Repeat motion.

This workout isn’t for the faint of heart! Remember to modify if you are a beginner. Challenge a friend to try this workout with you and cheer each other on! At the end of the day, the real challenge is only in your mind anyway.

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