4 Minute, Upper Body Workout

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We have a special guest working out with us today,  the charming celebrity dietician, Molly Knauer. What’s even more special, Molly is 9 months pregnant for this workout! Which means you can definitely call this a GREAT pre-natal workout, but even if you’re NOT pregnant, it’s an awesome toning workout outline you must add to your mix!

WE are lucky to have Molly as the official nutritionist and health/food expert for our January Get Fit 30 Day Challenge. If you haven’t already signed up for this challenge where you receive a 4 week meal plan created by Molly herself, make sure to sign up here.

Whether you’re in your third trimester, or simply just want to tone up (pregnancy not needed for do this ;-), this workout is focusing on upper body.

We will be doing 3 upper body moves followed by a full body “cardio buzz” at the end to finish strong.

Of course, you know your body best, so feel free to modify the burpees for squats or something similar depending on how you feel!

*If you’re pregnant, please consult your physician before starting an exercise program*

+ Yoga mat
4 Moves- 1 Minute Each
Shoulder Press
Chest Press
Tricep Dips








Duration  4 Minutes (recommended 3-4 rounds for a total  of 12-16 minutes)
  Type  Toning/Strengthening
CARDIO WORKOUT STEP-BY-STEP   // Each move is 1 minute each
  • Shoulder Press
  • Chest Press
  • Tricep Dips
  • Burpees


1 // Shoulder Press

Step 1 //

Stand with feet hip width apart. Hold hand weights with arms out by your side, perpendicular to the ground.

Step 2 //

Lift arms up and then bring back down to starting point. Repeat.

2 // Chest Press

Step 1 //

Lay on back. Hold weights in both hands with fists facing the ceiling.

Step 2 //

Lift weights up extending arms completely in front of you, bring back down & repeat.



3 // Tricep Dips

Step 1 //

Bring hands together with elbows above you and bend at elbow, targeting triceps.

4 // Burpees

Step 1 //

Reach up or jump in standing position.

Step 2 //

Get down in push-up position, walk or hop your legs back.

Step 3 //

Hop or walk legs back in, standing position (jump or reach) & repeat.

This workout is great for everyone and is easy to do at home using hand weights. If you don’t have hand weights, use water bottles or something similar as a substitute. Comment below to tell us what kind of workout you want us to do next!



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