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4 Daily Fat-Burning Tricks

4 Daily Fat Burning Tricks Achieving ultimate fitness, weight loss, increased energy, and performance goals…
June 20, 2018

Fast 100 Fat Burning Workout Challenge

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Fast 100 Fat Burning Workout Challenge Ready for a challenge? This is the workout I created just for you to do while I was headed to Ironman Everest; thrilled, nervous…

Beating Belly Fat

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— Beating Belly Fat Everyone seems to think that doing hundreds of crunches will get you to that flat tummy and muscular core. If you've tried doing endless crunches and…

Why You Need Dynamic Stretching

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Why You Need Dynamic Stretching The question of the best way to stretch is clouded by so many misconceptions and conflicting studies. I am here to tell you the best…

Optimizing Cardio with HIIT

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Optimizing Cardio with HIIT A common question, “Is long, drawn out cardio 100% necessary for me to trim up some of my body fat?” The simple answer: not at all.…