Skinny Corn Casserole

Want another reason to love corn? It is very rich in phytochemicals and provides protection against…
April 29, 2018

The Best Pancakes Ever

The Best Pancakes Ever These pancakes may actually be the best I have ever had…
April 29, 2018


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Spring Clean Your Body

SPRING CLEAN YOUR BODY Have you neglected your health a bit the past few months…
April 27, 2018


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Spotify Playlists We’re introducing a lineup of curated and personalized Spotify playlists, tailored to your own preferred mode of exercise. Each Valeo Spotify playlist serves up the proper mood, pace,…

Body Fuel For a 10k Run

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What you put in your body in the weeks and hours leading up to your 10K will have a significant impact on how well you perform. Think about your body…

Why Post-Workout Fuel Is Important

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Today, we’re tackling the topic of post workout snacks. Before we get into what makes the perfect post-workout meal/snack, let’s talk about why it’s important what you use and how…

Warm Cinnamon Baked Apples

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You know that warm feeling you get when you have your grandma’s homemade apple pie? That delightful smell right when it comes out of the oven? Oh yes, we definitely…