Fitness is a state of mind. A way of life.

Valeo Fit is creating a community of people who are engaged in every step of the fitness journey. Powered by interaction, motivated by guidance from top experts, and supported by the community.

Be Valeo Fit.

–  Valeo Fit

Welcome to VALEO FIT – we are so glad you’re here.


To those who try, those who keep going from sunrise workouts to late night cool downs. To those who are committed to achieve their goals. In exercise we find our rhythm. Progress, we find ourselves closer than before. Discipline as we knock out another round. When we are weak, we practice. When we are strong, we practice. When we are numb, we practice, We are always getting better. And we’ve only ever just begun. The real success is being one step better. Valeo Fit is dedicated to those who put in the effort.


Inspired by the motivation to persevere and the power of fitness on life, Valeo Fit is the next step in the evolution of fitness. Our innovative products meld the latest in technically advanced design with expert coaching and programming. We know that even the best piece of equipment means nothing without the ‘know how’ to use it. High performance and quality education is part of our DNA. We believe sweat is a physical manifestation of truly optimizing your body and nothing feels better than going the extra mile. Our passion for living boldly, training smart and crossing the finish line informs every aspect of Valeo Fit.


Motivation, especially when it comes to fitness isa major challenge. We know that having a supportive community around your chosen activity – can keep you motivated, push you to work out harder, and encourage you to stay committed to your fitness goals. The Valeo Fit community provides an empowering and educational space to connect with like-minded exercisers. No one can better understand your fitness struggles than someone with similar goals, and building a support network of people who want you to succeed might be exactly what you need to keep going. For those who are committed to motivating each other to achieve their fitness goals – to go one step farther. EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, and INSPIRE YOURSELF

  • Are you looking to find ways to be healthier or to be more active?
  • Are you out of shape and miss your inner athlete?
  • Are you looking for like-minded people to keep you motivated and engaged?
  • Are you looking for direction and don’t know where to start?
  • We can help you get and stay motivated!
In exercise we find our strong. When we are strong, we are confident and inspire others. When we stumble, we pick each other back up. We are always striving for better. Valeo Fit is dedicated to those who put in the effort.


Together with Valeo Fit, I will help you reach your full potential in a way that is bigger than any one person, or brand could do on its own. Our mission is to raise the standard. When people visit our site, subscribe to our programs, or use our products, they know this is different. It’s about more than exercise; it’s a state of mind, a state of mind that says we can do anything.

Personal, physical, spiritual and mental growth is our love and our customers are like family – our personal lives align with our professional and our professional lives with our personal. No matter what element or stage of your journey we are working with you on, No matter what stage of the journey you are on, our goal is the same: To create experiences that transform your life, growing your body and mind beyond where even you may have thought possible.

With respect, gratitude + excitement,


Spokesperson, Valeo FIT