Complete Butt Toning Circuit

By January 23, 2019workout

If there is one piece of fitness equipment we can’t live without, it’s ankle weights. This lower body workout is challenging on its own but if you are looking to push yourself a little more- try incorporating ankle weights to this routine. You can even use them when going for a walk or cleaning up around the house. We love that the possibilities of using ankle weights are endless!

As with most of our workouts, this 7-part, lower body routine can also be done with absolutely no equipment! All you need is a small space and your body to make it happen. The whole workout takes less than 10 minutes to complete, which means you can go for 2 or 3 circuits for a full lower body workout! Now… who’s ready?


+ Yoga mat
+Ankle Weights
Bent Over Leg Lifts
Leg Pulses
Standing Airplanes (repeat these 4 steps on the other side)
Fire Hydrants
Knee Ins
Rainbows (repeat these 3 steps on the other side)










Duration  7 minutes
  Type  Toning/Strengthening
  • Bent Over Leg Lifts
  • Standing Pulses
  • Mini-Circles
  • Standing Airplanes
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Knee Ins
  • Rainbows


1 // Bent Over Leg Lifts

Step 1 //

Bend over with one leg up, perpendicular to the ground, with hands on floor.

Step 2 //

Lift and lower leg, having toe touch the floor. Bring back up and repeat.

Try to keep legs straight, but allow for a slight bend in knees if more comfortable.

2 // Leg Pulses

Step 1 //

Starting in the original position as step 1, make small pulses with lifted leg.

3 // Toe Circles

Step 1 //

Starting in the original position as step 1, make small circles with foot, switch and turn the other direction.

4 // Standing Airplanes

Step 1 //

Starting in the original position as step 1, bring knee in towards elbow.

Step 2 //

Push knee and leg out and bring back to elbow. Repeat.

5 // Fire Hydrants

Step 1 //

On all fours, bring knee out, perpendicular to floor.

Step 2 //

Bring back down to original position, lift up, and repeat.

6 // Knee Ins

Step 1 //

On all fours, twist knee in towards body and bring out extending above with knee still bent.

Step 2 //

Continue to bring knee in and out. Repeat.

7 // Rainbows

Step 1 //

On all fours, with one leg extended out, lift extended leg behind you and form a “rainbow” or half circle, crossing over into the other side.

Step 2 //

Repeat this motion with leg, going back and forth.

How did you do? If done correctly, you should be feeling it shortly after starting the workout. These workouts always look easier than they really are! Keep this up and put it into your weekly workout routine- working out lower body 1-2 times a week. Comment below with what you would like to see next here on Valeo Fit!



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