Dynamic Leg Stretch Routine

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This stretch routine will be a treat for you, as it’s the perfect leg stretch to do before and after your workout. Amanda Russell shares the stretches she used to do during her competitive running days which really helps to prevent injuries, improves flexibility and range of motion in the lower body. All you need for this stretch is a exercise stretch band. Even if you aren’t a runner like Amanda, these stretches are great to help you loosen up your hamstring and calf muscles.  

Our stretch exercise bands set comes in a pack of 3- light, medium, and heavy. Feel free to use whichever level is more comfortable for you. Our pack of 3 allows you to start with light and work your way up from there. They are compact and travel-ready making them perfect for a stretch or workout anywhere you go.  

Stretch Exercise Bands
5 moves, 4-6 times per side






Repeat each stretch below for 4-6 reps each side.

  • Knee to chest
  • Bent Leg Ups
  • Straight Leg Ups
  • Crossovers
  • Crossover Leg Wrap


1 // Knee to Chest

Step 1 //

Lay with back on floor and begin my bringing one knee to chest. Stretch leg by squeezing knee to chest for 2-4 seconds, extend out and repeat.  

Step 2 //

Switch legs and repeat.  

2 // Bent Leg Ups

Step 1 //

Place stretch band over foot. Bring knee up, straighten leg at top, bend knee to bring back down. Repeat.  

Step 2 //

Switch legs and repeat.  

3 // Straight Leg Ups

Step 1 //

In same position as prior move, bring leg up towards the sky, only this time- keep legs straight. Bring leg up, back down, and repeat.  

4 // Crossovers

Step 1 //

Bringing leg up, as straight as possible, extend over body to opposite side. Bring back up, down, and repeat.  

Step 2 //

Switch sides and repeat. 

5 // Crossover Leg Wrap

Step 1 //

Wrap stretch band around calf, bringing it to inside of legs. Grab with opposite arm and crossover leg, similar to previous exercise. 

We hope these stretches help you become a better runner, weightlifter, or overall relieve some tension from your lower body. You can also pair this with our upper body stretching routine with the same exercise bands for a full body stretch! Let us know what you think below.  

Inspire yourself,

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