How to Motivate Yourself to Reach your Fitness Goals

By July 18, 2018advice

How to Motivate Yourself to Reach your Fitness Goals

“Help, I want so badly to tighten up, slim down, increase my energy levels, and [insert your personal goal here]. I know I should do it for SO many reasons, but my problem is staying motivated! I can always stick to a fitness routine for a couple of weeks, but then I hit a wall, or the program ends, time passes, etc. Whatever the reason I eventually lose all of my workout motivation. What can I do to reignite that drive?”

Sound familiar? The most common barrier to success in health and fitness is motivation. Don’t worry, you aren’t at all alone! Without a doubt we have all been there from time to time.

Here are our three simple tips on how to get motivated, stay motivated, and crush your fitness goals.

Find a plan //

A fitness goal without a plan is like going on a roadtrip to a new place without a map. Whether you create your own plan, hire a coach, or find one online or from a book, the key is to HAVE a plan and make sure you write it down! With a plan in place, you can focus solely on your goal(s) and start crushing it.

Not sure where to find one? Just do a quick online search and you’ll find endless options. Don’t get overwhelmed, just do a little research and experiment with what seems to speak to you. It’s no different than dating, you are going to have to try a few different ones to find ‘the one’!

Decide what’s next and why  //

It’s easy to finish a plan and feel lost or unmotivated not knowing what to do next — that means you’re human. This is exactly why you should always have another goal or milestone you want to reach after achieving that first one. With this, you’ll stay motivated and keep crushing those goals, step by step. For example, you finished your first 5K race, now try signing up for a 10K race, or join a local bootcamp.

Remember how it made you feel?  //

It’s awesome to reach a goal, but what will keep you going is remembering how it made you feel. Is your energy increased? Do your clothes fit better?

Focus on that feeling. When you think about all of the positive ways your life is being impacted it’s hard not to keep going — even if it’s just 20 minutes!

What about you? What tips have you found to help keep your motivation up? Tell us in the comments!

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