Killer Cardio Insanity Workout

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Killer Cardio Insanity Workout

Have you ever been lying in bed in the morning, and thought ‘I can’t wait to get up and get completely uncomfortable, breathless and sweaty’?

If you answered ‘yes, that’s me!’ then what are you waiting for? Scroll down and follow along with the Killer Cardio Insanity Workout I’ve crafted for you!

If the answer is “no” – or “heck no!” even, don’t let those on the other end of the spectrum discourage you.  You’re not lazy, you’re normal.  

For most people, the rise and grind workout mindset is rare.  Even I, as a fitness professional, feel this way every once in a while.  Some days, I would much rather take the morning or afternoon off to simply relax and destress from the long day I’m about to or have already had.  

It’s not human nature to want to be uncomfortable. In fact, we will go to great lengths to avoid temporary discomfort, even if it means sacrificing long term misery. That may sound dramatic, but it’s true.

+    Your body, big energy and water to hydrate!
These exercises are 10 minutes of pure work that will start your metabolism and keep it running long after you are done. The idea is to max out and work your hardest to make sure you are getting the most out of this quick and efficient workout.


I want to assure you — you are not alone in fighting this uphill battle. Think about it: how many of us will find any reason possible to get out of a hard workout (or any workout for that matter), yet remain unhappy with our figure or body image?

We’re all guilty of hiding behind excuses and seemingly insurmountable obstacles from time to time, no matter what the strenuous task.  But getting out of your comfort zone just once can be the catalyst for change that you need in your life.

So for those morning workout naysayers, I urge you to change your mindset about fitness right here and now.  Tell yourself that you are going to wake up every morning ready to work. And then follow through! Make a plan, set some goals and stick to them.  

It’s a new day for you my friend — now all you have to do is seize it.


Duration   10 min.  |  Type  plyometric cardio, HIIT, strength training 


30 rounds x 30 seconds of each exercise = 5 minute circuits
Circuit One 
  • Burpee switchbacks
  • Plyo squat kicks
  • One leg mountain climber
30 second recovery

Circuit Two
  • Pike Jumps
  • Spider/stand combo
  • X-country skier plyo jumps


1 // Burpee Switchbacks

Step 1 //

Start standing with your feet together facing any one direction.

Step 2 //

Complete a classic cardio burpee:  bring your hands to the floor and jump your legs out behind your body.  Then, jump your feet forward, back towards your hands, landing into a squat.  Finish the burpee by jumping straight up vertically with your hands reaching to the sky.  

Step 3 //

Jump and do a 180 degree turn with your body, now facing the opposite direction of which you started. Repeat steps 1-3 for 30 seconds.

2 // Plyo Squat Kicks

Step 1 //

Begin with your feet shoulder width apart, your arms bent by your sides.

Step 2 //

Sink into a squat, engaging your glutes, thighs and core.  Then, jump slightly, kicking up your left leg into the air.  Land back in the squatting position.

Step 3 //

Repeat this set of motions alternating the leg that is raised each time.

3 // One Leg Mountain Climber

Step 1 //

Begin in downward dog position: place your hands on the floor aligning your wrists and your shoulders so that they make a straight line. Outstretch your legs behind you with your feet together, legs straight, your knees positioned almost beneath your hips. Your body should make a triangle shape, the floor being one side.

Step 2 //

Then begin moving your left foot forward, tapping it on the floor beneath your hips. Repeat rapidly.  During the second round, work your right leg only. During the third and final round of the circuit, alternate between left and right foot taps like a traditional mountain climber exercise.

5 // Pike Jumps

Step 1 //

Start standing with your feet together, then pike your body over, placing your hands to the floor, as close to your toes as you can get them.

Step 2 //

Then, begin by jumping your feet backwards while keeping your legs straight, extending them behind your body to land in a plank position.

Step 3 //

Quickly bring your feet back to your hands, again while keeping your legs as straight as you can. Do not remove your hands from their position on the floor during the exercise. Repeat over and over as fast as you can.

6 // Spider/Stand Combo

Step 1 //

Begin standing with your feet shoulder width apart, your arms extended towards the sky.

Step 2 //

Then, touch your hands to the floor and jump your legs out behind your body, landing in a plank position.

Step 3 //

Touch one hand to its opposite foot, then do it again on the other sides.

Step 4 //

Jump your feet forward, back towards your hands, stand up and reach your arms towards the sky.

Step 5 //

Repeat these movements as quickly as possible.

7 // X-Country Skier Plyo Jumps

Step 1 //

Start standing with your feet together and your arms down by your side.

Step 2 //

Jump and extend one foot forward, the other back.  Do the same with your arms, one raised in a diagonal towards the sky, the other in a diagonal towards the floor behind you.  Make sure the arm swinging forward is opposite that of the foot you jumped forward – just like running!

Step 3 //

Jump and switch both your arms and legs: bring those that were forward back and vice versa. Make your arm movements big, but strong and controlled. Repeat.  

This workout was definitely insane, but trust me, it is worth every second. Make sure to do a quality cool down once you’re done.  It is so important to treat your body with kindness after all that hard work you just put it through! Drink water, stretch it out and don’t forget to breath.  

The only way to yield the results you want, in any facet of life, is to get out there and make them into a reality. Your reality.  It’s tough waking up everyday in a world of uncertainty. But one thing you can have complete control over is the effort you put forth into your fitness routine.  Start thinking positively about waking up and working out — your workout, and your day, will be better once you do!

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