Feeling Lazy? These Five Fitness Hacks Will Change Your Life

By July 8, 2018advice

Feeling Lazy? These 5 Fitness Hacks Will Change Your Life

We all have days where we just can’t be bothered to hit the gym. Why get out of your comfy, heaven of a bed to start panting and puffing, when you can snooze for another 30 minutes? Believe us, we know how tempting it can be.

But who made the rule that you can’t have the lay-in, have your busy day, and still not get a workout in?

These five hacks will help you have your lazy moments and still get in shape. 


//  Get It Out of the Way

Don’t put it off. Rip off that band-aid! The longer you wait to knock out your workout, the easier it will be to shrug the whole thing off. Take the first 15 minutes of your day to do something active. If that means taking the dog for a quick walk around the block or doing a 15-minute workout video in your living room–you can get it done quickly and feel great for the rest of the day!


//  Shorter + Harder = More Effective

There are no rules that say a workout has to be 45 minutes long. If you go hard enough for 15 minutes, the afterburn factor will you keep your body burning calories all day long! For this, we recommend a HIIT workout. Working at high-intensity intervals will help you get the most bang for your time.

Try this beginner HIIT workout from Popsugar Fitness that is only 20 minutes and requires no equipment.

//  Multitask During Mundane Minutes

So many minutes are wasted during the day while you’re sitting in one place. Why not turn those minutes into ways to increase your fitness productivity? Stuck on a business call? Try doing calf raises, arm circles, or marching in place at the same time. Watching TV? Turn every commercial break into a challenge. See how many burpees or tricep dips you can accomplish between each break. Replace your office chair with an exercise ball to establish core strength throughout the day. Before you know it, these minutes will add up throughout the day and become almost more effective than an hour in the gym!

Some equipment to invest in to have on hand to use while you’re multitasking:

  • Burst Resistant Body Ball
  • Resistance Tube
  • Resistance Bands
  • Adjustable Ankle + Wrist Weights
  • Jump Rope
  • Neoprene Hand Weights


//  Make It Social!

Make it fun! You don’t have to give up happy hour with your squad to go to the gym! Instead, park a couple of blocks away so you can get some activity in while you walk to the restaurant. Strategically request that you meet at a location in walking or biking distance from your home or work. If you’re meeting your friends for coffee on a Saturday morning, why not suggest that you do something active instead? Take your coffee on a 30-minute walk around the park or city or suggest going to a fun spin class or on a hike instead. This way you can get your fitness in while still having a good time with your friends. The result: you won’t even notice you’re being active since you’ll be having such a fun time doing it!


//  Always Be Ready

We’ve all skipped out on doing something active because we didn’t have the right stuff with us. In order to avoid being unprepared, keep an emergency bag packed with all your workout essentials. We suggest keeping the bag in your car, locker, office–wherever it’s easiest to access. Pack everything you need in it: sneakers, socks, workout pants, workout shirt (with a built-in sports bra if needed), headphones, makeup wipes, protein bars, water bottle, resistance bands, and anything else you must have while working out. Having this on hand will eliminate the excuse that you can’t workout in your work shoes and keep you accountable for your workouts!

Use these five hacks to keep yourself motivated to get your daily activity in and stay strong and healthy. 

Have you tried any of these or have your own lazy fitness hacks? Leave a comment and let us in on what you do to make staying healthy easier.

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