Mother’s Day Gift Guide

By May 8, 2019Products


Mother’s Day is right around the corner- what better way to celebrate such women than to indulge her in gifts and experiences that will have her feeling like the best version of herself? At Valeo Fit, we believe everyone should have easy access to a healthy lifestyle. Our online shop is filled with a variety of products to add to your “at-home gym” that will make it easier than ever to encourage loved ones to make their fitness and health a top priority.

With mothers, juggling it all, is an enormous skill- lets make her life a little easier by gifting them with products they can take on the go and use whether on vacation, at home, outside, or anywhere else they please!

Check out these products below for the ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide:

For the active mom:

Weighted Power Gloves

  • Sculpt and increase endurance while sparring, kickboxing, walking, jogging, and cross-training
  • Great for toning your arms, shoulders, and upper body without putting stress on your joints

Jump Ropes

  • Effective tool to build speed, cardiovascular endurance, improve coordination, and muscle tone while burning calories.

For the mom looking for more balance:

Exercise Ball– comes in 3 sizes

Lightweight yoga and pilates mat

  • Cushioned surface grips to the floor and enhances traction while exercising
  • Provides a stable and comfortable surface for yoga, Pilates, and other workout routines

For the weightlifting mom:

Lifting Belt

  • Alleviate pains, reduce muscle stress, protect yourself against injuries, and stabilize your spine
  • Designed to evenly disperse abdominal & lower back pressure increasing your stability during your lifts

Women’s Cross Trainer Gloves

  • Perfect to use for a superior grip on rubber, metal, and other gym equipment
  • Material of the gloves makes for a comfortable and breathable fit

For the traveling mom:

Resistance tubes- comes in light, medium, and heavy

  • Perfect for: toning, improving flexibility with compact, travel-ready resistance training tubes
  • Handle easily slips over feet and ankles for various full body exercises
  • Compact, travel-ready resistance training alternative to free weights and machines

Exercise Stretch Bands

  • Perfect for: sculpting, strengthening muscles, and provides a full-body workout
  • Recommended by physical therapists and trainers
  • Compact, travel-ready resistance training alternative to free weights and machines

No matter what type of mom you have, we are sure we have something in our shop to meet her needs! And this goes for any woman- whether it be a friend, sister, colleague, or anyone else you feel deserves the gift of fitness at her disposal to use at anytime, anywhere. Let us know in the comments which products you will be choosing and how you’ll be spending Mother’s Day below.

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