Legs and Butt Routine

Today is all about legs and butt! This workout can be done with or without…
August 21, 2019


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4 Daily Fat-Burning Tricks

4 Daily Fat Burning Tricks Achieving ultimate fitness, weight loss, increased energy, and performance goals…
June 20, 2018

Morning Workout Routine

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Morning workouts don’t necessarily have to be the most intense workout as soon as you wake up. Just moving your body any way you are capable of for at least…

Upper Body Stretch Routine

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It’s no secret that being on our phones and in front of computers all day long is damaging to our back and posture! This video with fitness expert Amanda Russell…

Ab Mistakes and Best Practices

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When it comes to abs, there are SO many factors, they are like fussy children (sigh) - it’s a delicate balance to get them on their best behavior. ‘Abs’, also…

Tabata Total Body

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Tabata Total Body When it comes to working out, sometimes shorter, more intense workouts are more effective than longer ones. Especially if we are on a time crunch and are…