About Amanda

Amanda Russell is a fitness icon, brand catalyst, sought-after speaker, and global expert on the power of fitness to change one’s life. She founded Fit, Strong & Sexy, one of the first online fitness subscription platforms, which today boasts over 200,000 subscribers. She now funnels her experience and expertise into helping brands collaborate, grow and scale. Amanda co-founded the Interesting Agency, and eventually sold her own eponymous consulting firm to take the CMO helm at Valeo Securities, where she’s heading up the international re-brand of legacy fitness brand, Valeo Fit, in which she is also the spokesperson and coach.

Amanda first came to the United States on a full Division one scholarship as a world-class distance runner with an automatic spot in the 2008 Beijing Olympic trials- when an injury brought her career to a screeching halt. It was this life altering injury that propelled her to want to find a new way to fitness, and want to share it with others – knowing firsthand the power it has to transform lives, well beyond the physical aesthetic side of things. She started teaching others both in person and then online, ultimately knowing this was her calling…to help others, as she put it best “with running you don’t help anyone, my injury was the universe’s way of telling me to do something that was beyond me…it doesn’t touch or affect anyone when you win a race, or you break a record – so who really cares? I was meant to do something more meaningful …and Fit Strong and Sexy was born.”

Amanda is also the creator and professor of the only fully accredited Influencer Marketing course in the world, at the prestigious UCLA, and the author of the upcoming book, The Influencer Code.  She graduated from the University of Richmond on a full-ride track scholarship, and holds an MBA with a concentration in marketing.