Spotify Playlists

We’re introducing a lineup of curated and personalized Spotify playlists, tailored to your own preferred mode of exercise. Each Valeo Spotify playlist serves up the proper mood, pace, and tunes to keep you moving and propel you towards your fitness goals. With our five functional, and continuously updated playlists, you’ll have the freedom to exercise in your own way and #inspireyourself day to day.


Rise + Shine with Valeo Fit while you warm up and stretch your muscles. The Rise mix is meant to accompany the pre-workout process, focusing on a steady activation of the body. Let these chill vibes bring a dose of focus and energy to your day. 


Get your heart rate up with Valeo Fit. The Hustle playlist is centered around cardio training, fast paced activity, high intensity and high sweat. Meant to keep you on your feet and moving, this mashup accompanies fast-paced cardio workouts with beats that’ll sync up to each step you take. Time to hustle!


Get in those gains with Valeo Fit. The Lift playlist is central to weight training, strength, and endurance exercise. We’ve put together a selection of jams to pump you up while you’re pumpin’ that iron. Press play and crush it.


Move in your own way with Valeo Fit and get into the groove. The Groove mix is meant to accompany a dancing, rhythm focused workout. Whether you’re jiving with Zumba or bopping to your own happy dance, this set of tunes is here to give you the rhythm you may not have had.


Wind down, refresh, and get centered with Valeo Fit. The Feel playlist is constructed with emphasis on low intensity workouts, stretching, or yoga. Hit the play button and settle into your meditative practice or cool down. Take this time to explore the needs of your muscles and just feel.

Coming soon to your Valeo Fit experience: our Spotify playlists are being paired up with their very own, tailored Valeo Fit Kits. Built to serve the needs of your preferred style of working out, each Fit Kit will encompass the equipment, direction, and content needed to power you towards your fitness milestones. Whether your focus is on weight training or high intensity cardio, our Valeo Fit Kits have all the goods you’ll need to find your fit.

Let us know what your favorite playlist from the list down in the comments below!

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