Easy, High-Protein Salmon Dish with Chris Nirschel

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We are so excited to be kicking off the recipes portion of the January Get Fit 30 Day challenge with Master Chef and cooking extraordinaire, Chris Nirschel. Chris is the Founder of NY Catering Service and provides cooking services, catering, and private classes to clients in the NYC/New Jersey area. He has been featured on numerous cooking shows and has been dubbed the nickname “Culinary Bad Boy” by his ‘out of the box’ cooking habits.

Today, Chris shows us how to cook up a delicious and easy to make, high-protein, salmon recipe. This dish is perfect for a light lunch or dinner that’s full of protein with added veggies to have you feeling full and happy. You’ll want to re-create this dish over and over again for how simple and delicious it is! For ingredients, click the box to the right. For full video and step-by-step recipe, scroll below. Enjoy!

+ Well-grade Salmon
+ Brussels Sprouts
+ Assorted Cherry Tomatoes
+ Spice Rub (combination of onion powder, papricka, garlic, salt, & pepper)- feel free to use a combination of spices based on your taste preference
+ 1 lemon
+ Greens for salad
+ Persimmons(optional)
Serving Size // 1-2 People












1. Start by cutting brussels sprouts and cherry tomatoes in half. Add oil to a skillet and saute tomatoes and sprouts until soft.

2. Season salmon with spice rub (combination of onion powder, papricka, garlic, salt, and pepper). Spices can be adjusted according to your taste preference- i.e. less papricka if you want less “spice”. Meanwhile, turn on skillet to high heat and add olive oil to pan.

3. Add salmon to skillet, cooking pink side down. Add brussels sprouts to pan, also adding spice rub to veggies.

4. Add tomatoes to pan, allowing juices from tomatoes to mix with fish and sprouts.

5. Add juice of 2 lemon halves to pan, allowing acidity of lemon to absorb into fish.

6. While that’s cooking, assemble salad with ingredients of your choice. Chris is using mixed greens, persimmons, cherry tomatoes, and olive oil.

7. Once fish is done, assemble fish on plate with veggies and salad for a finished meal.

8. Enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed this quick and easy recipe from Chef Chris Nirschel packed with antioxidants and protein. Did you try it? Let us know how you liked it. Also comment below with food video ideas you would like to see on the channel next. And as always, continue to….


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