Spring Clean Your Body


Have you neglected your health a bit the past few months and feel the need to renew yourself? Are you behind on your New Year’s Resolutions and just realized the year is almost halfway over? No worries! We have seven awesome foods that will clean out toxins, restore alkalinity, and hydrate your body naturally.



Healthy Green Smoothies  //

Start the day off right by blending together a fresh smoothie from nutrient packed greens, like kale, spinach and celery. These leafy vegetables contain something called chlorophyll, which is a molecule that helps rid your body of detrimental environmental damage. Add a handful of berries for delicious flavor, powerful enzymes, and antioxidants that will help your skin fight off free radicals!

Try Simple Green Smoothie’s recipe for beginners here!

Green Tea  //

Ditch the coffee and switch it for green tea, which is known for its potent abilities and health benefits. Green tea leaves contain antioxidant-rich phytochemicals, which helps detoxify the body by eliminating harmful radicals. Studies also show that green tea may help prevent cancer, improve memory and reduce belly fat thanks to its content of the antioxidant EGCG.

Pineapple   //

 Not only is it incredibly tasty, but pineapple will also help your body eliminate harmful toxins because it contains bromelain, which is a powerful digestive enzyme. Proved to aid protein digestion, it does so by breaking down fats and reducing inflammation. Additionally, it contains manganese and acts as a great mood-booster that is especially beneficial for women during PMS. Can you believe all these benefits?

Cabbage   //

Did you know that cabbage is made up of 92% water? The remaining 8% is packed with vitamins like C, K, E, and A, as well as minerals, dietary fiber, and folic acid. It is also filled with organic compounds containing nitrogen and sulfur, which helps expel toxins from your body. To top it off, cabbage is a strong natural diuretic and will help you get rid of subcutaneous water, while keeping you hydrated thanks to its large water content!

Water   //

It’s been said before, but it’s worth saying again: Drink more water! Start off with a big glass of water in the morning to reset your system, and make sure to always carry a bottle around to stay hydrated! If you have a problem with overeating, try drinking more water before your meal. We sometimes confuse the body’s signals of thirst with hunger, and drinking water may help take the edge off your cravings.

Lemon   //

Lemon may be sour, but it sure has some sweet benefits! Squeeze a little lemon in your water and drink up, because this little fruit is widely known for its cleansing and antibacterial properties. Not only has it shown to purify your blood, balance your PH, and promote colon health, but it can also boost your immune system thanks to its high content of Vitamin C.

Curry  //

Adding curry to your dishes is not only tasty, but can have some serious health benefits. Its main ingredient is turmeric, which is known for its beautiful yellow color. This color is derived from curcumin which is a compound often used in holistic medicine to aid with digestive disorders and liver issues. As a bonus, curry is anti-inflammatory and has powerful antioxidant properties – so curry away people!

These are quick and simple ways to get your health back on track. Feel free to share with friends and family. Good luck!

As a reminder, here’s a quick and clean summary for reference:

Start with water, add some lemon for taste. Another yellow fruit that’s great? Pineapple. Moving to greens, cabbage! Or start your day with a green smoothie and re-energize in the afternoon with green tea. The most surprising item on this list? Curry. It adds great flavor and has great health benefits!

Let us know what your favorite item from the list is down in the comments below!

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