Strong + Toned Arms in 15 Minutes

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Strong + Toned Arms in 15 Minutes

Ladies and gentlemen — we are going to get you the ultimate sculpted arms in time for summer! A workout like this is going to make a simple t-shirt one of the sexiest things you can put on. That basic white tee won’t look so basic when you’re done with this arm workout!

We are focusing on tightening, sculpting, and toning up your arms, shoulders, and entire core!



+   Light – Medium Set of Dumbbells

Increase your strength and endurance with this pyramid style arm workout. Sculpt your arms, shoulder, and core to look great in your favorite Tee. Using light to medium dumbbells this can be done at home or at the gym, it is the perfect workout that will leave you feeling strong, confident, and have your muscles burning (in the best way)! Adjust dumbbells for each exercise as needed, but remember to challenge yourself to get the best results!



Duration  15 min    |    Type   toning

5 Total rounds – starting at 10 reps for each exercise for the first whole round, then decreasing by 2 reps each round until you’ve completed all 5 rounds.
Complete 1x through.
  • Bicep Curls
  • Push-Ups
  • Arnold Press
  • Tricep Kick backs
  • Dolphin Push Up to knee touches



Start holding your dumbbells with palms facing up and arms extended down in front of you, curl your arms up to the top and squeeze once fully contracted, then slowly release down; that’s one rep. Make sure to keep your elbows tight to your sides and your arms curling in front of you, not to the sides.


Starting in a high plank position with arms shoulder width apart and feet slightly spread apart. Lower your body down until your nose is almost touching the ground, then push back up. Engage your core and squeeze your butt to keep your body flat through the whole movement.

Modification //  Start with arms shoulder width apart and knees on the floor. Proceed through the movement the same way.


Holding dumbbells in front of you with palms facing towards you, dumbbells should be at about eye level. Open your arms outwards until your palms are facing away from you, then press the dumbbells up in a shoulder press. Once arms are pressed upwards completely bring them down and turn them back inwards to the starting position


Start with dumbbells in hand, lean forward part way, arms should start in a curled position with dumbbells close to your chest at your sides with palms facing inwards, then ‘kick’ your arms back until fully extended where you can “squeeze” your tricep, then bring your arms back to starting position almost as if they are doing a bicep curl. Keep your elbows at your sides through the whole movement.


Start with arms shoulder width apart and feet extended fully back in a plank position, push your butt to the sky (Imagine downward dog position or creating a triangle with your body). Lower your body down as a normal push-up keeping the triangle position, then push back up. Then lower to a flat plank and bring your left knee out to the side to touch your left elbow, then your right knee to your right elbow (this will target your obliques and core). Then, go back to dolphin position to complete one rep.

A great way to stay motivated and challenge yourself is to track your workouts, so you can see your progress in strength and endurance! Time how long it takes you to complete at 5 rounds, then, next time, try to beat your time! Even better, grab a friend and try to beat each other – friendly competition is always fun! That being said, don’t let your time stress you out, it is more important to have correct form which will reap best results vs completing all the rounds super fast with bad form because your body won’t get the most out of your workout.

What time did you get? Which exercise left your arms burning? Tag us on Instagram to let us know and join our Valeo community!

With each and every workout you will be that much closer to achieving your goals. We’re always here to help coach you through your workout, now go get started and raise the standard on your level of fitness and give it your all!

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