Top 5 Fall Inspired Trader Joe Recipes & Products

By November 9, 2018recipes

Top 5 Fall Inspired Trader Joe Recipes & Products

We are only half way through the fall season and there is plenty to still enjoy about it! For one, the delicious produce and flavors that come with the season: pumpkin, squash, etc. We couldn’t be more excited to mix autumnal flavors into our everyday meals. One place we love to go shopping is Trader Joe’s! Especially during this time of year, they have a large selection of fall inspired produce and meals to choose from.

We’ve compiled our favorite Trader Joe autumn recipes and products into one place to take the legwork out of you guessing which one to try next. Just browse the list of favorites below and you’ll want to head to Trader Joe’s right away.

1. Fall Harvest Pizza

We’re here for it. Anything with pizza in the name and no need to say anything else. You start with the base, which is TJ’s, very own butternut squash pizza crust. Just top it according to the recipe with some kale, onions, mashed potatoes, and cheese, or choose your own toppings. Grab a few butternut pizza crusts and host a pizza party! BYOP- build your own pizza for a cozy Friday night in.

2. Fall Harvest Salsa

I think we can all agree that almost everyone’s favorite snack of choice is chips and salsa…in moderation, right? Well the only thing better than regular salsa is fall harvest salsa! This salsa is tomato-based and has all the delicious base ingredients in your favorite standard jar of salsa, except it also contains butternut squash and pumpkin. Pair it with some TJ Pumpkin Tortilla Chips or Soup Crackers for a delicious appetizer to host your friends.

3. Harvest Spaghetti Squash Spirals

You didn’t think we would add pizza to this list and leave out pasta, did you? Thankfully the harvest spaghetti squash spirals have come to the rescue. Making spaghetti squash can sometimes be a tedious task to do, but TJ has already done the hard work for you! All that has to be done is to heat it up in under 10 minutes. The meal is completely gluten-free and veggie-friendly.

4. Fall Turkey Chili with Pumpkin

For those of you living in chillier (no pun intended) climates, we know you would appreciate this cozy, warm fall-inspired recipe. A delicious, hearty turkey chili recipe, which you could replace with a meat of your choosing or opt to go completely veggie friendly. The great thing about this recipe is, just like the pizza, you make it according to your own preferences- just one tip: don’t leave out the pumpkin!

5. Pumpkin Madeleine Cookie Sandwiches

And of course, how could we forget about dessert? Pumpkin is famously known to make its rounds among desserts the most, mainly pumpkin pie- but why not spice it up and try something different? These cookie sandwiches are so easy to make, you could even recruit little helpers in the kitchen to come assist you. Perfect plate to take to a party as the finger sandwiches will be sure to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Which recipe will you be wanting to try? We have our eyes on the pizza and pasta for sure. Let us know if you try any and how you like them in the comments below.


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