Top 5 Travel Friendly Fitness Products

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Top 5 Travel Friendly Fitness Products

For travelers out there, who are also fitness obsessed and can’t imagine going 3 days straight without a workout, this post is for you. The world of fitness and travel have certainly come a long way, where traveling is now more accessible than ever before and working out while on vacation comes so easy now, that there’s no excuse not to do it.

Nowadays, there are multiple forms of working out while traveling. Most hotels offer a complete gym that will provide you with all you need to get a quick sweat sesh in, and other times, you’ll want to take your workout outside(weather permitting) and enjoy some fresh air. But what about when you rent that AirBnb that doesn’t have quite all the luxurious amenities? Best bet is to stay indoors and workout one way or another.

One way to do it is by taking advantage of our workout library which is full of workouts you can do from anywhere! Best part is, while most of these workouts don’t require any fancy equipment, others only need one or 2 products to get the best workout in! Here are our favorite and must-have travel-friendly fitness products to pack in your suitcase or carry-on…no matter where you’re going.

1 lb Wrist Weights


Soft 1 lb Wrist Weights

Use these comfortable, soft wrist weights when training, running, boxing classes, or even for a brisk walk. With only being 2 lbs, they are a great addition to add to your ensemble and add more resistance to your workouts to help burn more calories.

Stretch Bands


Stretch Exercise Bands Set

This complete stretch band set comes in a pack of 3- from light, medium, and heavy tension. The best part about these is that, since they weigh virtually nothing, you can throw it in a small bag and have the perfect product to get a great stretch and full body workout with.

Tip: Use them as a resistance band or tie them in a knot to act as a resistance loop.

Resistance Tubes


Resistance Tube Kit

The resistance tubes come sold separately in 3 varying tensions- light, medium, or heavy resistance or together in a kit with all 3. Compact enough to pack 2 or all 3 for a weekend getaway and workout with a friend! It’s a great alternative to free weights and machines but capable of giving you the same results.

Tip: Place your foot in handle and don’t forget the resistance tubes can give you a great leg workout too! Try this 10 Minute Cardio workout using resistance bands.

Jump Rope


Speed Jump Rope

Looking for a quick and effective cardio workout? Look no further than the jump rope which is the best product to use to burn calories in the shortest amount of time. Jump ropes are one of the most effective tools to build speed, cardiovascular endurance, improve coordination, and muscle tone while burning calories.

Tip: Try this Jump Rope workout for a cardio/strengthening routine to get that body moving!

Dual Ab Wheel


Dual Ab Wheel

This ab roller is not only great for abs, but also strengthens shoulders, back, and arms as well. It’s compact and lightweight enough to take apart to make it an easier travel companion.

Tip: For tips and tricks on how to use this, click here.

Travel with one of these, or all of them, and you are set to workout, no matter where you are or go! Be sure to check out our workout library and product shop for more inspiration on living and being the healthiest version of yourself. What is your favorite fitness product to travel with? Let us know in the comments below.

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