Valentines Day Gift Guide

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day should be all about spending time with the people you love and care about the most. What better way to do this than by gifting ways in which you and your loved one can spend quality time together? At Valeo Fit, we are all about fitness as a state of mind and a way of life. Join your partner in tackling his/her fitness goals and have fun in the process! Inspire each other to try new things while burning off those calories together or treat yourselves to a healthy and delicious dinner at home from our library of recipes. 

The possibilities of showing love and appreciation for someone are endless but spending time with them by doing things they already enjoy, cooking or working out, could be the best gift they could receive. Because as the saying goes, “couples who sweat together, stay together”, right?

Below are a list of products and experiences we are sure you and your partner will love!

Stretch Exercise Bands Set


Stretch Exercise Bands Set

This exercise bands set comes in a pack of 3 so it’s the perfect workout accessory to have on hand when working out with a partner. These bands offer resistance training alternatives to free weights and machines- so no gym is necessary! Helps tone, strengthen muscles, improves flexibility, and provides a full-body workout.

Resistance Bands


Resistance Tube Kit  

One of the most popular items in the Valeo Fit shop for how easy they are to use and also perfect for packing up on the go. These resistance bands are used to tone, strengthen muscles, improves flexibility, and provides a full-body workout to do from anywhere!

For some resistance band exercises to try with your partner, try this one & this one.

Speed Jump Rope


The perfect solution for a quick cardio session when you don’t necessarily want to go running outside in the freezing temps. Jumping rope is great in that it targets every muscle in your body and is one of the best workouts for short bursts of cardio.

Some jump rope workouts to try with your partner: Hot Body Jump Rope Workout

Dual Ab wheel


Dual Ab Wheel 

Being one of the most effective core training workouts, this dual ab wheel will help anyone get their core in shape in no time. This wheel is also great to work on strengthening and toning the arms and back as well. It’s also compact and lightweight enough to pack and bring in a bag or small suitcase.

Medicine Ball


8 lb Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is the perfect accessory to have on hand for a couples workout. Helps develop core strength, improve coordination, and fine-tune balance. The textured material makes it an easy grip to hold on to and perform various types of exercises.

Lifting Gloves


     Ocelot Black Lifting Gloves

We have lifting gloves for him and her! These gloves are perfect to use for a superior grip on rubber, metal, and other gym equipment. The material of the gloves makes for a comfortable and breathable fit.

And last, but not least…

Cook together! There’s nothing like spending quality time in the kitchen whipping up your favorite meals. Try one of our favorite, healthy recipes from our site as a post-workout meal like this easy, high protein salmon dish, by celebrity chef, Chris Nirschel.

Whatever you end up doing for Valentine’s Day, we hope it’s something that continues to motivate and inspire each other to keep those up those goals- whether it be fitness, nutrition, or anything healthy living related!

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