Washboard Ab Challenge

By September 12, 2018workout

Washboard Ab Challenge 

This week I’ve got a challenge for you! It’s a 3 ½ minute workout that will literally shred your abs. I call this the washboard ab challenge. If you do this workout everyday — combining it with a clean, lean diet, and a solid amount of cardio — you’ll be able to get that flat stomach and see your abs emerge in no time!

With these short but effective workouts, my goal is to give you what you need to push yourself a little bit everyday. Setting aside even 5 or 10 minutes in your day to practice self-love by improving your health, body image, and lifestyle, is so important. Consider this very workout a catalyst for positive change and get going! Don’t wait around to start inspiring yourself and those around you.

Complete every exercise in this sequence with thought and focus. Engage your abs and feel them strengthen with every crunch. Good luck!

+ Valeo yoga mat or other soft surface
4 exercises over the course of 3 ½ minutes — it’s as simple as that! The more you do this workout, the longer you can go, doing multiple rounds for an even bigger boost to your abdomen.  


Duration    3 – 5 mins  |  Type  Abs, Toning, Strengthening
  • Rowing Crunches
  • Side V-Ups
  • Straight Leg + Arm Toe Touches
  • Scissors


1 // Rowing Crunches

Step 1 //

Sit down on the ground and bend your legs slightly out in front of you with your knees touching. Raise your feet about a foot in the air and lean back onto your tailbone, extending your arms in front of you beside your thighs.

Step 2 //

Begin to crunch your abs by bringing your knees in closer to your chest, and then extending them back out to starting position. As you do this, move your straight arms in and out, bringing them closer to your thighs as you crunch your legs in, and then further away from them as you crunch back out. Do this for 60 seconds.

2 // Side V-Ups

Step 1 //

Lie down on the ground, sideways, so that you’re resting on your right hip. Place your right forearm on the ground and extend your legs out in the opposite direction. Bend and raise your left arm above your head.

Step 2 //

Begin the exercise by doing a side crunch. To do this, keep your legs together and bend them at the knees, bringing them up towards your chest. Bring your left arm down to meet your legs, propelling your torso up, allowing your side abs to fully engage. Your body should form a sort of V shape in the air at this point.

Step 3 //

Return your limbs to their respective starting positions and repeat the crunch as many times as you can for the next 30 seconds.

Step 4 //

Then switch sides, lying on your left hip and forearm this time, to work the other side of your abdominals for another 30 seconds.

3 // Straight Leg + Arm Toe Touches

Step 1 //

Lie down on your back and extend your arms and legs straight out in either direction.

Step 2 //

Raise one leg up to vertical, keeping the other leg near but not touching the floor. As you do this, raise your opposite arm up to try and touch the ankle that is raised.

Step 3 //

Lower your arm and leg back to starting position and switch sides, raising your opposite limbs this time. As you do this exercise, try and extend your body, keeping your legs as straight as possible. Do this for 60 seconds.

4 // Scissors

Step 1 //

Lie down on your back with your legs extended vertically above you. Place your arms on the ground beside you and lift your shoulder slightly off the ground.

Step 2 //

Begin crossing your legs over one another at the ankles, alternating back and forth the leg that goes on top. You can position your legs wherever you want to, higher or lower off of the ground. The closer your legs are to the floor, the harder this exercise will be! Do this for 60 seconds.

Who doesn’t have three and a half minutes? When I put it that way, it makes it seem a bit harder to come up with an excuse doesn’t it? With these short but effective workouts, I’m aiming to help you push yourself a little bit everyday.

Together, we are raising the standard for what it means to be fit!


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