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Workouts are important but what is just as important is fueling your body with the right food before and after a workout. Thankfully we have Molly Knauer, registered dietician and nutritionist, here to give us the scoop on what kind of snacks we should be indulging in to fuel our bodies.

According to Molly, workout snacks should be around 200 calories- we want it to be a snack, not a meal, a small serving that will give our body the energy to tackle that HIIT workout or give us fuel to carry on through our day post workout. Workout snacks should consist of a protein, fiber or carb, and a healthy fat. Below she goes over a couple of healthy snack options that are perfect for pre/post workout, or just to snack on anytime!

INGREDIENTS // Serving size: 1
Snack 1: Apples with almond butter
Almond Butter
Snack 2: Yogurt Berry Crumble
Unsweetened, original greek yogurt
Berries of your choice
Chia seeds
Granola Bar or granola for topping
Snack 3: Veggies with hummus
Veggies of choice- possible options: bell peppers, celery, cucumbers, carrots





















Snack 1: Apples with almond butter

  1. Slice up apple. Add 1-2 tablespoons of almond butter. Sprinkle cinnamon for antioxidants on top & enjoy!

Snack 2: Yogurt Berry Crumble

  1. Add berries to one serving of yogurt. Yogurt is a perfect snack to have on hand for protein, calcium, and probiotics. Add granola or crumble granola bar on top & enjoy!

Snack 3: Veggies with hummus

  1. Slice up veggies of choice. Add 2 tablespoons of hummus for a protein & healthy fat. Enjoy!

Molly recommends having a snack an hour or hour and a half before or after your workout. These snack ideas are great to have on hand for everyday. Implement these changes in your diet slowly if they are new ingredients that you haven’t tried before. Swap out peanut butter for almond butter. Use hummus as a condiment for sandwiches, instead of mayonnaise.

What other healthy snacks do you love to indulge in? Leave a comment below so we can also try them!


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