Workouts for the whole day distribution

Three hours a week is a great option for the time you have to use to keep your body in tune. To do that, you have to, for example, regularly go to yoga or fitness. But the best way to solve this problem is to set small goals. For example, you can do ten exercises at home. You can use small exercises depending on the daily schedule (for example, exercises in the morning, noon, afternoon, evening, or weekend). You can change places and alternate all these types of sports at your discretion. Long and hard training does not always benefit human health.

Morning: sports for circulation of the blood

You get freshness from morning fitness exercises. It strengthens the shoulders and muscles of the stomach and legs. You have to use a sports mat or a yoga mat to do this kind of exercise. You have to get down on your knees and put your hands on the floor. Then you have to stretch out your left and right legs one at a time. Keep your body in your hands.

Noon: squats that improve digestion

A lot of people go to sleep right after a full meal, and they lose their ability to work. It would be better if you did some squats to help stimulate your digestion and breathing. To do that, you have to stand straight, spread your legs around the width of your hips, sit down slowly, and straighten up again. You should take your time because this exercise is better to do slowly. You also try to sit halfway down from the ground. Only straighten up when your legs are bent 90 degrees. The effectiveness of this type of sport is conditioned by the fact that you do a conscious execution of it.

Afternoon: exercise for coordination improving

You can remain protected from dangerous falls to old age. To do so, your body needs to be able to balance. To do this, you have to stand on one foot and raise your hands above your head. Slowly put your hands to the sides and stretch your torso forward. Raise your foot up. You must hold this position for a few seconds, then you return to your original position. Repeat this exercise with another leg.

Evening: a good sleep with a relaxing exercise

You can forget about daily stress in the evening. To do this you need to slow the circulation by doing restful exercises. That training is very effective when the head falls below the thighs. To do that, you have to stand up straight, extend your hands up, and then lower your upper body as low as possible to the ground. Try to touch the ankles or the floor. Repeat the exercise after slowly straightening of body.

Weekend: interval workout

Half-hour walks have become obsolete advice. Today fitness coaches recommend interval training. You can bring your cardiovascular system and lungs into motion with ease by running, cycling, or swimming. However, you must alternate short and intense periods of exercise with slower ones, rather than stay at a constant speed. It allows a person to spend more calories.

The bottom line is, you can simultaneously restore body health and normalize body shape.