Fitness at home

If you need to get an attractive body shape, you do not need to go to the gym, you can consider fitness at home to lose weight. However, in this case it’s worth to consult with the experts who can help you choose the right exercises which will engage all muscle groups.

It is worth noting that before the exercises there should be a warm-up. It is done minimum within 10-15 minutes. You’d better not neglect this moment, because after warming up there is less chance to get injured while performing the complex, which may consist of the following exercises:

1. Belly. This area is at risk and requires special attention. You can perform several exercises, for example, the most effective are: legs lifting, trunk lifting, reverse screwing. The exercise is performed while lying on your back. Note that when organizing fitness at home, you shouldn’t try to do the maximum at the first lesson, the muscle loading should increase gradually;

2. Legs. The following exercises are recommended to get good shape for the legs:

  • forward lunge;
  • scissors or bicycle;
  • in the prone position legs are spread apart.

In addition, you can also do leg swings forward and to the sides while standing. Good results can be obtained by doing squats. Fitness at home for a body lift should be done in accordance with the rules. Do not try to squat 100-150 times at once, it is better to do several takes;

3. Breast and arm lift. It should be noted that it is the upper limbs and the breast that begin to lose volume first. In order to keep the skin elasticity it is recommended to do exercises with the bar-bells of 1.5-3 kg each. There are a lot of variants, it is enough to include 2-3 types into the complex. Such a workout will strengthen the shoulders and breast. When doing the exercises it is necessary to watch your breathing.

Today you can watch a video about fitness at home for the beginners. An experienced instructor shares in detail how to choose the right set of exercises and which main points to consider during the workout. With a competent and responsible approach a positive result is guaranteed.