What fitness band is better to choose

Nowadays almost each person who do the running or other sports has a small fitness band on a wrist. However, not everyone knows what fitness band is better to buy in a particular case based on the type of sport and other parameters. In fact, the choice of this gadget depends on various points, e.g. the individual requirements of the user or his finances.

Functional purpose

So, it’s hard to clearly say which fitness bracelet is better to buy regarding the model or manufacturer. It is recommended to start evaluating the model with its functionality. Besides, you need to to decide what exactly you want to get from the bracelet in terms of its use. All the available models can be roughly divided into the following four groups:

  • Narrowly targeted have one function, their advantage is high quality;
  • Motivational are characterized by extended functionality. The data that the user receives is not of maximum accuracy. Such devices are designed to motivate, to encourage to move more;
  • Multifunctional models have an enlarged screen, an expanded set of functions. They can be easily equated with smartwatch models;
  • Specialized. These are the best fitness bands, but they are made for specific sports, such as swimming or running. They are characterized by quality and high precision

We’d like to note that even the simplest models of the budget series can calculate the number of burned calories and the distance covered over a period of time. Some inexpensive models even have an option to remind the user that he or she has not moved for a long time and it is time to stretch.

What to keep in mind when choosing?

To choose the right model you will have to carefully study the rating of fitness bracelets, and, of course, decide for what specific purposes it is purchased.

Also, it’s worth to consult with the specialists. Based on your requirements they will recommend a model with useful set of functions. If you buy a band for swimming then the model must be waterproof, for jogging it is necessary to have a heart rate monitor.

In brief, study top 10 best fitness bands and choose the model that is better for you in terms of functionality and cost.